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Welcome to Flat-Top Cleats

Flat-Top flush mounted boat cleats were developed in 1991. Made of high grade polished 316 stainless steel and are, very simply, the world's finest cleats. Flat-Tops are by far much stronger than conventional and other flush mounted cleats. Flat-Top cleats are designed to last a lifetime. They are the original folding cleat.

Each cleat comes with a template to ensure a neat, clean installation.



Why Flat-Top Cleats are the best:

  • Distinctive elegant appeal that enhances any craft.
  • Rugged strength solid stainless steel design with only one moving part. Compare the mass/weight to other cleats on the market.
  • Simple design - no springs, cups, drain tubes, or buttons to wear or break down.
  • Does not allow water to penetrate the craft.
  • Strongest on the market, laboratory tested, stronger than any available lines or fasteners.
  • Required mounting depth is shallow relative to other flush mounted cleats.