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Welcome to the product section of Flat-Top Cleats. We're proud to offer "The Perfect Cleat."

Designed to last a lifetime – Flat-Top Cleats are the original folding cleat. With only one moving part, there are no springs, drain tubes, cups, or buttons to go bad. Flat-Top Cleats uses a very simple and unique design to ensure strength and optimum function for you.

Stainless Steel Cleats

Flat-Top Cleats are made of high grade polished 316 stainless steel and are very simply the world's finest boat cleat. Laboratory tested, Flat-Tops, properly installed, are the strongest, most durable flush mounted cleats available. Each cleat comes with a template to ensure a neat, clean installation.

- 4.5 inch Cleat

- 6-inch Cleat

- 8-inch Cleat

- 10-inch Cleat

- 10-inch HD Cleat

- Optional Stainless Steel Template/Backing Plate

- Compare Cleats

Reinforced Nylon Cleats

This fiberglass reinforced nylon cleat is intended for applications where the strength and appearance of polished stainless steel is not required. Available in black or white.

- 6-inch Nylon Cleat

- 8-inch Nylon Cleat